The 2 Methods Of On-Line Auctions
On-Line & On-Site Auctions- This allows buyers who can't make it to the live auction the opportunity to bid.  
The on-line auction will end before the start of the live auction.  We will use the online high bid competitively
during the live auction (same as a absentee bid).  It is important to remember as a buyer that you are bidding
not just against the online bidders but the buyers at the live auction as well. You will need to enter a max bid
if you would like Oldham Auctions to bid on your behalf beyond the current online bid. We will notify the
online bidder by phone if he/she is the successful buyer for payment & pick-up instructions.

On-Line Only Auction- Is when the items selling will only be offered during the on-line auction. The buyer
with the high bid at the conclusion of the auction will win that item. This method works great for all types of
situations, visit our online website
www.oldhamonlineauctions.com to see our current auctions taking place. It
is important as a buyer to read the location, preview date, pick-up date, and terms before bidding.  
Be sure to read the heading of each auction to determine which method we are using

General Information
Our on-line website is www.oldhamonlineauctions.com  CLICK HERE . After you have registered and are
ready to begin bidding, click on the auction you would like to participate in.  At the bottom of the page you will
need to enter your bidder number and password to start bidding. You will see 2 space to enter bids, one is
next required bid, and the other is max bid.  Everyone can see the next required bid amount, but no one will
ever see your max bid if you choose to leave one.  If you enter a max bid then the auction program will do the
bidding for you, up to your max bid.  If you get outbid then a e-mail is sent to your registered address that will
notify you of being outbid. At that point you can go back and bid higher if you like.  Every auction has a
designated ending date and time.  When the auction starts to close out, 1 to 4 items (based off how many lots)
will close out per minute starting with the first item.  If anyone places a bid on a item within the last minute the
time will be extended 5 minutes, this keeps buyers from stealing the current bid at the last second or using
sniping programs.  After a auction has closed the winning bidders will receive a e-mail notification with pick-up
& settlement instructions.
We appreciate your business, and want you to enjoy the online bidding experience.  If you have any further
questions, please email us at sale@oldhamauctions.com or
call/text 816-935-7439.