On-Site Live Auction Information:
Oldham Auctions Live OnSite Auction Kansas City Auction Company

“Live” Auctions are held at the seller’s residence, farm, place of business, or other desired location. 

What to Expect at an On-Site Auction:
  • Auction items - We provide the best description possible on all items and we disclose any problems of which the seller has made us aware.
  • Fees – The only fee you are responsible for is credit card (if used for payment), or if tax is required. Buyers premium is only applicable for online pre-bids, and absentee bids.
  • Online Pre-Bidding – For some live auctions, we offer online pre-bidding for certain items. This is a great option if you are unable to attend the on-site auction.
  • Purchasing items – Certain items may not be allowed to leave the owner’s property until your check clears the bank. Absentee bids may be left with us, but must be settled immediately following the auction.
  • Special Needs Access – If you have special needs or physical disabilities, please contact us prior to the start of the auction and we will ensure easy access is available.
  • Concession & Restrooms – In most cases food and restrooms will be available at our live auctions
  • Parking & Loading – Every auction is different, call or email Brody if you have any questions.

On-line Auction Information:
Participate in an auction from the convenience of your home or office with online bidding from Oldham Auctions.

On-Line Auctions are held on location at the seller's residence, or at our building.
What to Expect for an Online Auction:
  • Auction items - We provide the best description possible on all items and we disclose any problems of which the seller has made us aware.
  • Fees – There is a 10% Buyer’s premium on any item sold online, not to exceed $1,000 per item. In some cases, sales tax will be added (6.35%), depending on the type of auction being conducted. An additional 3.5% is charged for any credit card/paypal transactions.
  • Register – In order to bid on items, you must register with our online auction CLICK HERE .  You will then receive a permanent buyer number and will be required to keep your personal profile up-to-date.
  • Bidding – Upon registration, click on the auction in which you would like to participate. Then, follow these instructions.
    • At the bottom of the page you will need to enter your bidder number and password to begin bidding.
    • You will see two spaces in which to enter bids; one is “Next Required Bid”, the other is “Maximum Bid”.  Everyone can see the “Next Required Bid” amount, but no one will see your maximum bid (if you choose to enter one).
    • If you enter a Maximum Bid, the auction program will automatically bid for you, up to your maximum bid amount. If you are outbid, a notification email will be sent to your registered address. You may then bid higher, if you wish.
    • Every auction has a designated ending date and time.  When the auction begins to close-out, 1-4 items (based on the number of lots) will close-out per minute.
    • If a bidder places a bid on an item within the last minute, the auction time will be extended 5 minutes.  (This keeps buyers from stealing the current bid at the last moment, or using sniping programs.)
    • After the auction has closed, winning bidders will receive an email notification with pick-up and settlement instructions.
  • Payment – Cash, check or credit card payment may be made in-person on the day of item pick-up. Certain items will not be allowed to leave the property until funds have cleared Oldham Auctions account.  
  • Pick-up Date/Location – Please read the terms and location of every item before bidding. Each auction has a specific pickup date & pickup location. Fees are added for items not picked up within the stated time.
  • Shipping/Handling – Shipping and handling is available for certain items. Visit our "General Information" page CLICK HERE for shipping & relocation information.
For Buyer's information concerning on-site, online or consignment auctions, please contact Oldham Auctions today.

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For more information about On-Site Auctions, Online Auctions, or Consignment Auction sales, please contact us.  


Other information: Various food, lodging and entertainment options are available for individuals and families spending time in the Kansas City metro or central Missouri areas.

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