Oldham Auctions offers on-site auction services with friendly, expert, professional staff.
Auction Method #1
On-Site "Live" Auction Information:

On-Site, or “live” auctions are held at the seller’s residence, farm, place of business, or other desired location. Typically, these are large auctions with plenty of space for set-up & parking for buyers.

In most cases, Oldham Auctions can conduct your auction as quickly as you’d like, but we recommend at least 3-4 weeks to market and advertise your sale.

What to Expect for an On-Site "Live" Auction:
  • Before your sale - We’ll meet with you and review the auction process and what you can expect. Fees and commission depend on the size & potential of your auction.
  • Contract - Upon contract approval, our staff will gather pictures and make a listing of auction items.
  • Advertising - Advertising costs depend on your budget. We do our best to minimize your advertising expenses while maximizing your exposure to potential buyers.  Advertising opportunities includes our web sites, newspapers, fliers and emails to our extensive mailing list. 
  • Day of sale - We provide trailers, tables, concession, mobile office and computerized clerking to insure an organized auction.  Our professional staff of auctioneers, clerks, cashiers, ringmen, and set-up crew will assist you in any way they can.
  • After the Auction - After your auction we will review your final settlement and in most cases you will receive your money the same day.

Auction Method #2
On-Line Auction Information:

Oldham On-Line Auctions allows the seller to liquidate their assets using the World Wide Web.  This proven method of selling is very popular for liquidating estates, business assets, real estate, machinery, collectibles, and consignments. 

On-Line Auctions can be done on location, or at our facility.  Depending on the size of your auction, typically 2-3 weeks is needed to photograph and inventory everything.

This is the easiest auction method for most sellers, and can be conducted anytime of the year. 

What to Expect for a On-Line Auction:
  • Free Consultation - We’ll meet with you and review the auction process and what you can expect. Fees and commission depend on the size & potential of your auction. 
  • Contract - Upon contract approval,  we'll discuss an estimated starting date and completion date.
  • Fees – Fees for our online auctions are based used a sliding scale commission.
  • Advertising - OnLine Auctions have allowed us to reduce most advertising/marketing cost.  Estimations will be given at the consultation. 
  • OnLine Process - The Oldham staff will organize, photograph, inventory, and manage everything.  Any special instructions or descriptions must be provided by the seller.
  • After the Auction - Settlements are typically mailed to the seller within 7-10 days after the auction
Online bidding helps you get the best possible price for your auction items.

Consignment auctions at Oldham Auctions in Bates City, Missouri

Auction Method #3
Consignment Auction Information:

This method of auction is typically used for individuals, collectors, business owners, farmers, banks, lenders governments & schools who do not have enough items to merit their own auction, or their physical space is limited. Our 10,000 sqft building, located in Bates City, Missouri has plenty of space and 4 acres of ground for outside sales, too.
(click here for map and directions)

What to Expect for a Consignment Auction:
  • Frequency – Sales are held monthly, or as needed.  We also frequently conduct special sales and machinery sales.
  • Sale items – We accept machinery, automobiles, equipment, tools, furniture, antiques, collectibles, and business or farm related items. (All automobiles and trailers must have clear titles.) We strive to keep our consignment sales clean, no junk please.
  • Fees – Fees for our consignment auctions are based used a sliding scale commission.
  • Advertising – Cost is based off what type of items your consigning and how many items your selling. Estimation will be given at time of drop off.
  • After the auction – Checks are typically mailed to Sellers within 7-10 days after the auction.
For Seller's information concerning on-site, online or consignment auctions, please contact Oldham Auctions today.

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For more information about On-Site Auctions, Online Auctions, or to add your clean assets to our Consignment Auction sales, please contact us.  


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