Oldham Business Liquidations

  • Whether you are selling an entire business or just a few assets, Oldham Auctions has helped both large and small businesses throughout Kansas City and the surrounding area close-out and/or downsize.  Our experience includes HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Companies, CNC and Machinist Companies, Automotive Shops, Construction Contractors, Rental Contractors, Sheet Metal Shops, Tow Lots, Woodworking and Welding Shops, Antique Stores, Restaurants, Municipalities, Public and Private Schools, and many more. 
  • Our commission for business liquidation auctions can vary, depending on the size and potential. Advertising and set-up cost is based off what type of items you are selling, how many items your selling, and what method we use to sell everything.  Just like every other auction, we do our best to minimize your expenses while maximizing your exposure to potential buyers. 
  • Settlement checks are usually mailed to the sellers within 7-10 days after the auction.
  • Business liquidations can be done either with an "On-Line Auction" or a "Traditional Live Auction".  On-Line auctions allow the seller to liquidate their assets using the World Wide Web through our secure bidding platform.  This proven method of is very popular for selling business assets, and seems to have the highest return for most business owners.  In some cases we offer on-line bidding during the live auction, this is usually reserved for assets of significant value.
  • During your free consultation we will use our experience in helping you decide which method is the best choice for your situation.
  • Please fill out the form below or call 816-935-7439 if you are interested in having us help you liquidate or downsize your business.

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