Oldham News and Information

Steps we are putting in place to try combat the spread of Covid-19. 

  • We have decided to use a program called Sign-Up Genius for scheduling arrival times at the pick-up location.  Sign-Up Genius is a simple and very easy tool that allows winning bidders to select a time slot on the designated day of pick-up that they will be arriving to retrieve their purchase.  This will help us control how many people are on location during a certain period, and should also speed up your check-out process.  A Sign-Up Genius link will be attached to the emailed invoices (check your spam folder if you do not receive your invoice), just click on the link, enter a few pieces of information and select the available time slot you will be arriving.  I'm just speculating at this point, but I can see the benefits (for you and us) of utilizing this program from here on out, once the virus has run it's course there is a good possibility we will continue using it.
  • During "previews" only 10 people will be allowed to have access on the property for no more than 10 minutes. Please come with the intentions of knowing exactly what you are wanting to look at
  • During times like this we experience many people who need to utilize our services for a number of different reasons.  It is my goal to keep the company operating and helping those that we can, but be assured that I will only keep the wheels spinning as long as we are able to do it safely and legally.

Thank you 

Brody Oldham